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NeedleDock was launched after a UK healthcare professional developed a way of reducing needlestick injuries. Eliminating the risk of injury from the point of use.


Healthcare workers exposed to needlestick injuries are protected with NeedleDock’s ND5 Sharps Container, helping to avoid preventable injury within the workplace.


The same approach was taken to help people with diabetes look after their sharps at home, work and school. The innovative GlucoSharps ND7 helps dispose of the wide array of sensors, needles and accessories associated with the treatment of diabetes.


Our aim is to develop products and solutions that help maintain health and wellbeing. Everyone requires protection from potential injury and disease at work and home. We will work with healthcare providers to develop more cost-effective and greener solutions for the future.


NeedleDock is led by Chris Stanton and Paul Brown. Both have over 30 years of experience developing products in a wide range of sectors.


We have an exciting roadmap of safety and sustainable products in development. To find out more, please drop us a line.


Chris & Paul