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NeedleDock ND7 Sharps Bin Container for Diabetics- Twin Pack 2 x bases- 1044-F 72dpi.jpg


  • A modern, versatile and compact sharps bin to keep you safe, both home and away

  • Friendly, rounded and stylish shape, is comfortable to use and conveniently sized for carrying anywhere

  • Slider for temporarily closing the aperture with integrated ‘stop-tab’ to prevent accidental locking when closing

  • Designed specifically to fit Freestyle Libre 2 and Dexcom G6 sensors

  • Fold-up ‘stop-tab’ to enable full travel of the slider for final closure of the aperture and allow permanent locking, ready for safe disposal

  • The unique, multi-shape aperture design accepts most diabetic treatment devices, insulin pen caps, insulin sensors, hypodermic needles and most disposable sharps items

  • Integrated teeth in the narrow part of the aperture help grip and remove insulin pen needle modules with a simple twist of the pen

  • Low and squat product format for ultimate stability- will not fall over for added safety

  • Fold-up carry handle for easy and safe carrying

  • Integrated finger guard around the aperture to prevent accidental needle stick injuries

Designed for Freestyle Libre2 Sensors!

Product Showcase

Reducing single-use plastic with recycled, natural, sustainable materials

  • Multi-Layer Eco-Sharps™ Technology

  • Recycled materials from sustainable sources

  • High density wood-fibre laminates

  • Inner barrier layer for waterproofing

  • Strong sharps and needle penetration barrier

  • Wipe clean and water repellent external coating

  • Column construction for optimum strength

  • Can be made to any height and volume


Launching in 2022 - contact us for more details

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​The NeedleDock ND5 is designed to:

  • Protect Staff - safe from the point of use

  • Cut Cost - by proactive segregation

  • Reduce Waste - prevent non-sharps entering the high cost waste stream

Product Features and Benefits

  • 100% clinical sharps waste efficiency. Needles only, no waste

  • Holds up to 600 hypodermic needles

  • Automatic needle removal prevents downstream injury risk

  • Portability ensures safety at the point of use

  • Ergonomic shape and patented, needle removal technology ensures safe, single-handed use